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The materials of our products

Solid stainless steel 1810, 304L

Our steel is a robust material, resistant to impact and corrosion. Its stainless character makes it a healthy and easy-care material; perfectly stable, it does not undergo any oxidation phenomenon. It is completely neutral, it does not alter the taste or color of food. The flavors are therefore preserved, it guarantees a healthy and tasty cuisine. By the excellence of our Poli-mirror polishing, will you be able to distinguish it from silver metal?

Silver plated

Orfèvrerie Royale is made in the tradition of great silversmiths: the hand of man holds a great place and every detail makes the difference. The silver plating technique, invented by Christofle (owner of our factory from 1971 to 2008), consists of depositing a layer of silver on a metal constituting the soul of an object, it can be made of brass, steel or tin.


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